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The Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery

benefits of hip replacement

Since the first hip replacement procedure was performed in England in 1962, this procedure has become one of the most successful of all medical procedures. Technology has advanced at such a rapid rate that today the Bahamas Medical Center is proud to perform a complete hip joint replacement in less than 2 hours using minimally invasive protocols.

Do You Need a Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip replacement is normally age-related, mostly performed on people aged between 60 and 80 years old. However, it may also be carried out on younger patients if the need arises. Reasons for hip replacement may include:

• Where one, or both hip joints have been damaged irreparably
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Osteoarthritis
• Fractures
• Deformity, normally at birth, called hip dysplasia

Hip replacement surgery involves replacing natural hips with artificial ones, usually made of metal, sometimes ceramic. These artificial hip joints are known as prostheses.

How Hip Replacement Surgery Is Performed

The operation can be carried out under general anesthetic or, in some cases with the use of an epidural, where just the lower part of the body is numbed. This type of anesthesia is normally carried out with the use of sedation so that the patient is not conscious during the procedure.

A qualified surgeon will make an incision and will remove the old hip joint. In some cases, this will be a full operation; in others, it will be with a minimum amount of cutting, depending on the type of replacement needed. Then, the surgeon will remove the upper part of the femur bone and hollow out the socket. In order to fit the new joint, a metal shaft that is angled with a smooth ball on one end is used. The ball sits in the socket, and the metal shaft is inserted into the hollow end of the femur. The artificial replacement bone is either pressed or cemented into place.

After the Operation

Recovery time for a hip replacement operation can be several months. Immediately after surgery, you will be required to lie flat with a pillow between your legs. This is to help keep your hips in the correct position to allow your body to heal. An injection is normally given to minimize the chances of blood clots forming in the legs.

A patient is likely to be in the hospital for up to five days following surgery, although the exact time will depend on your level of general fitness. For the first 4-6 weeks after surgery, you will need to walk with the aid of crutches or some other form of walking apparatus. This is to make sure your body is properly supported and that you are not putting too much weight on the new hip joint too soon.

A course of physical therapy will typically be needed in order to teach you how to sit and stand properly and how to bend, so you do not overstrain and damage the new joint. Although you will be out of bed quickly, it can take several months to a year before you get the full benefits of your new hip joints.

Hip Replacement Deterioration

Unfortunately, artificial joints are not as resistant as real ones and the materials they are made of may start to degenerate over time. Depending on the material, a prosthesis may last up to 20 years.

Getting Affordable Hip Replacement Surgery in the Bahamas

A hip replacement procedure in the US can cost up to $125,000 depending on the surgery location. The price for hip replacement surgery in the Bahamas is much less. Americans are discovering the value of medical travel to the Bahamas, where they can afford quality surgery and a chance at a better life. We also know from experience that sandy white beaches and the warm Caribbean breezes will make your recovery a pleasant experience.

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