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What You Should Know About a Facelift Surgery

What to know about facelift surgery

Facelift Surgery

Rhytidectomies, or what are commonly called “facelifts,” are very popular. Facelifts are ranked number six in the top ten procedures sought by medical tourists from all over the world. It’s common to have a rhytidectomy and an aesthetic blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery) at the same time, in order to give a matching look to both face and eyes and to take advantage of the general anesthesia.

A rhytidectomy aims at giving the face a more youthful look by eliminating tiny sections of facial skin to get rid of wrinkles. It may involve the tightening of part of the facial skin, although this is not always the case. Only an experienced specialist should recommend and perform facial procedures. The surgeons at Bahamas Medical Center are very experienced with facelifts and with helping patients make the best aesthetic decisions with regard to facial surgery.

Reasons for Getting a Rhytidectomy

The appearance of aging is signaled by wrinkles and facial sagging. There are three parts of the head that contribute to an appearance of aging: the platysma muscle, which is located in the neck, cheek fat, and the orbicularis oculi muscle, which surrounds the eye. With time, these three facial features cause the appearance of a jowl, increased visibility of the labionasal folds (the lines that go from the sides of your mouth to the sides of your nose) and an increase in the distance from the cillary margin (the middle point in your eyes) to the lower part of the orbicularis oculi muscle (causing the infamous bags under the eyes).

A rhytidectomy aims at correcting these effects, thus eliminating the common problems of an aging face. Because these effects vary from person to person, a person who is considering a rhytidectomy should be evaluated by an expert in order to establish exactly what needs to be done.


The exact procedure will depend on the specific needs of the person, so it’s hard to give an average price for a facelift. However, in the United States, a full facelift is priced from $10,000 to $15,000 including surgeon fees, materials and any hospital or surgical center fees. However, in New York, and other higher priced metro markets, facelift prices can often reach $20,000. That’s one of the reasons more Americans are choosing the Bahamas for their facelift surgery. At the Bahamas Medical Center, a complete facelift generally costs $8,700. With flights from New York to the Bahamas priced at $550, it’s clear that New York facelift patients can travel to the Bahamas for their facelift surgery and save $10,000 or more on their procedure.


As with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks involved with a rhytidectomy. You should consider these factors and talk with a doctor about them. In certain cases, a consultation with a psychologist may be needed. The following factors should be discussed with your doctor prior to facelift surgery.

  • Smoking
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Poor wound healing, natural or caused by blood thinners or other medication.
  • Poor perception of reality
  • Poor self-image
  • Unrealistic expectations

Knowing what to expect and how to be prepared for your surgery will lower your level of anxiety and make the experience more enjoyable. Of course, patients are more relaxed when they have confidence in the medical team that will perform the surgery. That’s why we recommend that you contact Bahamas Medical Center to learn more about their international patient program and how you can have a VIP medical experience in the Bahamas. Speak with our specialists and get answers to all of your questions. We are committed to making your facelift in the Bahamas as stress free as possible.

Monica Rix Paxson is an award-winning author writing on topics related to science and medicine. She has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning and the BBC.

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