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hearLIFE Clinic Nassau Hear. Communicate. Participate.

hearLife ClinicFrom diagnosis to treatment, from follow-up care to rehabilitation using coclear implants, the staff of dedicated specialists and doctors at the hearLIFE Clinic Nassau provides comprehensive services using the latest hearing implant technologies.

The hearLIFE Clinics are a worldwide chain of clinics that are dedicated to treating hearing loss and providing high-class medical care. The hearLIFE Clinic Nassau is an otology clinic that offers comprehensive care for individuals with mild-to-profound hearing loss. Our specialization in hearing implants and our first-class services ensure renowned treatment for people with hearing loss.

We are committed to providing excellent personalized care through first-class medical, audiological, rehabilitation and support services.

We apply the latest technologies in implantable solutions for various types of hearing loss. This treatment is provided by our highly qualified and experienced specialists.

hearLife Clinic Info

hearLife Clinic

To learn more or schedule a consultation, please contact the hearLIFE Clinic Patient Desk:
Toll-Free in the US: 866-277-5054
Phone: 1-242-698-1145
The Team: Team Members

Open M-F 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-noon

The hearLIFE Clinic Nassau Team

Successful hearing restoration with hearing implants is a team effort. The best results can only be achieved by highly trained and experienced professionals in the fields of medicine, surgery, audiology and speech-language pathology. The multidisciplinary team at the hearLIFE Clinic is supported by a reliable office staff.

Our clinicians follow the highest quality standards and use the newest techniques in their speciality. They bring years of expertise and are in regular dialogue with local and global experts. The hearLIFE Clinic provides its staff with an ongoing training program to ensure the continual development of the staff’s professional knowledge and skills.

Once you have decided to entrust your care to the experts at the hearLIFE Clinic, all matters will be handled by a dedicated clinic coordinator who will be totally committed to attending to your needs. The clinic coordinator will assist you in making appointments and will coordinate all of your referrals and services. We realize that seeking treatment and participating in hearing rehabilitation can be a challenging experience, especially when you’re receiving care far from home. At the hearLIFE Clinic in Nassau, we are committed to making your brief stay as pleasant as possible.

Services Offered

Counseling: Identifying hearing loss is an important first step in the journey to receiving a hearing implant. If you suspect that you or someone you know has hearing loss and have questions about what can be done, our staff can counsel you on the options available.

Fitting and Technical Support: About four weeks after implantation, your hearing implant system will be activated for the first time. An ideal fitting program involves a series of fitting sessions to give your audiologist the opportunity to fine-tune your processor to best meet your needs. Settings will be individualized to ensure best hearing performance. You and your family will also be given guidance on how to use and take care of the processor.

Rehabilitation: Hearing implants provide a remarkable opportunity for people with hearing loss. Hearing with an implant requires practice and your commitment to a rehabilitation program. Learning to hear with your “new ears” is aided by regular communication and therapy with a speech and language pathologist who will help you to improve your listening skills.

Audiological and Medical Assessment and Diagnosis: Our clinicians use straightforward screening tests to diagnose your hearing loss and identify suitable treatment options. These tests can be given to people of all ages, even newborn children. Using modern audiological testing equipment, our otologists will give you a diagnosis and initiate any additional clinical examinations to get a comprehensive overview. After all examinations have been completed, the hearing implant team will consult with you and suggest the optimal hearing implant solution to fit your needs.

Surgery: If a hearing implant proves to be the best solution for you and your type of hearing loss, you will be referred for surgery. Surgery is straightforward and performed by Dr Brian McKinnon, consulting ENT surgeon from Memphis Tennessee, USA. He uses the latest techniques and technology. Surgery usually takes between one and two hours and is done under general anesthesia at Doctors Hospital. Patients are typically up and about the next day. Sometimes patients stay in the hospital overnight. Hearing implants can be a highly effective and reliable treatment for hearing loss. The hearLIFE Clinic uses only implants that are designed for superior long-term results.

Hearing Implant Systems

The hearLIFE Clinic works exclusively with technology from MED-EL, the leading manufacturer of hearing implants worldwide. Offering you the latest hearing implant solutions on the market, the comprehensive portfolio of products enables the hearLIFE Clinic to provide an optimal hearing implant for your hearing loss.

SYNCHRONY – Cochlear Implant System for Severe-to-Profound Hearing Loss

Orthopedic Surgery - Total Hip Replacement Surgery

The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System features an exceptionally secure magnet with the highest MRI safety available and a water-resistant, lightweight and tamper-proof audio processor. The system is ideal for children and adults. The design of the cochlear implant is optimized for straightforward surgical techniques. You can choose between a single-unit audio processor and a behind-the-ear audio processor.

SYNCHRONY EAS – Hearing Implant System for Partial Deafness

Orthopedic Surgery - Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Electric Acoustic Stimulation (EAS) combines electric stimulation for the high frequencies and acoustic stimulation for the low frequencies. EAS is the preferred solution in cases of partial deafness, which is defined as mild-to-moderate hearing loss in the low frequencies and severe-to-profound hearing loss in the high frequencies.

VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE – Middle Ear Implant System for Sensorineural, Conductive or Mixed Hearing Loss

Orthopedic Surgery - Total Hip Replacement Surgery

This system is the most widely used middle ear implant in the world. It converts sounds from the environment into mechanical vibrations. This physical energy is used to stimulate middle ear structures for exceptional high frequency sound perception. Today, a middle ear implant is the solution of choice for individuals who cannot use conventional hearing aids or who are dissatisfied with them and do not achieve sufficient benefit.

BONEBRIDGE – Bone Conduction Implant System for Conductive or Mixed Hearing Loss or Single-Sided Deafness

Orthopedic Surgery - Total Hip Replacement Surgery

The world’s first active bone conduction implant system enables sound transmission directly to the inner ear by means of bone conduction. It is a suitable solution for people, whose inner ear is not able to receive sound via the natural pathway through the outer or the middle ear. Like all our hearing implant solutions, it is a semi-implantable hearing system. The implant is positioned completely under the skin and receives the signals from an externally worn audio processor.

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