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Dr. Kim Johnson-Scriven

Board Certified Audiologist


About Dr. Kim Johnson-Scriven:

Hearing is critical to our lives and impacts the contributions we make as citizens. Subscribing to the philosophy of ‘Best Practices’ in her field, Dr. Scriven partnered with the Rotary Club of East Nassau to provide free hearing aids and ongoing care to children in need. She takes pride in having established the audiological and hearing aid services at the Government’s Public Health Department, where she continues to assist patients in need. This consummate professional is anticipating offering the same ‘top of the line’ hearing care services to our international clients and their families.

Dr. Kim Johnson-Scriven is an executive member of Seabee’s Swim Club Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Hobbies & Interests:

Dr. Johnson-Scriven enjoys reading, cooking, jogging, socializing and meeting people. She has three children, two girls and one boy; and also maintains a busy private practice.


Undergraduate Degree:

Dr. Kim Johnson-Scriven obtained her degree from the Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Graduate Degree:

Dr. Kim Johnson-Scriven completed her post-graduate at the Howard University, with a Master of Science degree in Audiology. She went on to complete her Doctor’s degree at University of Florida.

Dr. Kim Johnson-Scriven provided comprehensive pediatric audiology hearing exam for the children at the Cripples Children’s Hospital in Washington D.C. and; during 1990-1991 provided hearing aids and fittings at Washington Hearing Aid Center in Washington D.C. She also provided evaluations and speech audiometry service to the District of Columbia General Hospital from 1992 – 1993.

Dr. Kim Johnson-Scriven is a part of a program that works along with the government of the Bahamas to assist with the procurement of equipment and materials to establish the Audiological Services of the Public health Department in South Beach Clinic in Nassau, Bahamas.